Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Let's Go Campin

Is there a greater joy in life? Campin has come to mean much more then marshmallows, baiting hooks, chopping logs and burying poop. These days I see Campin as a gesture, as a yoga position of sorts, in the way that the motion symbolizes a greater meaning. Campin means leaving the human-made system behind. Campin means living by natural laws. Campin means living a life within reach and within nature's limits.
Campin is not a product or service you can buy. It's a brave call to action, it's the most heroic lifestyle and it is the deepest meaning of freedom you could physically participate in. To camp is to know what words and pictures fail to express.


NAHA said...

haha! Nice Justin! My favorite part is the "getting in touch with yourself";) Cool piece.


Anonymous said...

hi uncle bananahead,
that was really weird
and funny wow:)

Anonymous said...

To the beauty of those that live with utmost humility as compensation for those of us that long ago chose otherwise without the true knowledge of the sacrifice they made. It is through you that there is hope to once again find ourselves back on the trail with friend and dog not knowing what lays around the bend and absorbing the comfort that surrounds.

Long live friends, the trail, and the bus....not much else matters.

Martha Rich said...

Is thAT A POOP BEARD? Hmmm. You are an interesting person. Excellently.

Celeste said...

Thanks for writing this.